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Pre-Checkin Tests

by Suresh Duddi

The Pre-Checkin Tests

  1. Run mozilla -ProfileManager and select a profile to start with. Mac users please invoke Mozilla Profile Manager
  2. Use File | Open Web Location... to visit Click on a link
  3. In the url bar type and visit a url of choice
  4. Open Edit | Preferences... and change any preference of choice. Click OK
  5. Send a mail message
  6. Read a mail message if you can use mozilla to read mail messages.
  1. ftp: Visit a ftp url of choice (or)
  2. view-source: View | Page Source on page of choice


These tests need to be very short that developers dont flinch at the list, effective in testing a breadth of technology focusing on the critical and frequent regressions. The ultimate goal is to prevent the tree from being closed for verification for long periods.

The Process

  • Run the must tests before you checkin any code.
    • These tests are the minimum bar. You should still continue doing, in addition to the precheckin tests, any change specific testing that you feel required.
  • We highly recommend testing your changes against the Recommended tests too.
  • If the tests fail, and you don't think you are to blame, then
    • Add a comment to the tinderbox log
    • Mail the hook
  • Proceed with your checkin

We expect these tests to morph over time as these will include an element of current frequently broken area. We will need a way to indicate changes happening to this list. We will work on these in the days to come.