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Networking (general) Test Plan
Chimera 0.5 specific results in red

This document provides general network functional testing. Specific protocols are handled in specific test plans.

The majority of the tests are link-clicks.

The test needs to be expanded to explain the expected results (right now, the tester is assumed to know what the correct result is).
Also, the tests need to be applied to more entry points for URLs (URL/location bar, "Open as New Window", "Open as Tab", etc.)

URL Schemes

This test covers schemes supported in Mozilla and Navigator 4. More detailed information about URL schemes in mozilla is under contruction.
Area Description Comments
about: about: about: URL handler seems to be missing 150960
about: meta bug  96712
aim: Send IM (default)
works, see: 145807
(not w/ iChat)
mailto: mailto: works, see: 151046
gopher: the original home of gopher gopher: HTML view's inline images (internal-gopher-*) 150962
telnet: telnet:// URL: telnet:// unregistered in Linux and MacOS X  33282
Works in Mac OS 10.2: 167118
wais: wais:// WAIS is unimplemented, but RFC specified scheme: 61540
NOTE: the javascript code must be URL escaped to work
Copy into URL bar to test. Fails 160176
data: URL
Per RFC 2397
chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul (skip test) Should only work in URL bar
other invalid:// Unimplemented schemes should display error: 100176
relative URLs
Use Roy Fielding's test page
Point at links, and compare status bar w/ result column.

DNS, IP addressing, ports and sockets
Area Description Comments
DNS hostnames starts with numbers
maximum label size: 63 characters 
excceeds max label size (64 characters)
nonexistent FQDN
[RFE] Catch illegal DNS requests w/ error 140379
todo: many labels
IPv4 addresses's IP address
localhost, blocked port
localhost: unused port
http://3486011863 decimal ip addressing

-> works
-> "port blocked for security reasons"
-> connection refused (if Internet Keywords is on, send to search engine)
-> connection establishment timeout
Mac OS X, Linux  refuse to connect to broadcast address Win32 says "could not be found", Mac X classic times out.
Chimera accepts IP addresses in single decimal: 150966
(Win32 and Linux accepts IP addresses as one large decimal value: 67730)
IP addresses that are not dotted quads: 160819

multiple DNS records (need public test example) Preferably a three-address entry that has one non-existent host, one host w/ a listener on the http port, and one valid port. 86917
"internet keywords"
hostname that does not resolve in DNS goes to keywords.
hostname -> default domain in OS.
hostname (URI ignored) ->

"mozilla" and "open source"
Internet Keywords is not activated: 155321
if Internet Keywords is off:
  • mozilla -> "mozilla" will fail (unless you have "mozilla" in your local domain), then domain completion will try "" and fail.
  • open source -> invalid URL error.
if Internet Keywords is on:
  • mozilla -> This is the Internet Keyword server returning a redirect to your browser.
  • open source -> search result of Google's AOL branded server.
localhost handling http://localhost/ connects to 127.0.01 (loopback). If nothing is running will search for keyword:localhost (if Internet Keywords is on) or return connection refused error.
Isolated lan  Necko should work w/o DNS some discussion in bug 11204

Suggestions, questions, feedback for this page: bug 141758

To Do:

Needs more consideration for testing w/ non-standard installs (browser-only, non Mozilla trunk products, etc.)

Last update:
07.29.02 - additions for Mozilla 1.1