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Networking QA Home

State of Networking: Mozilla 1.6b (as of 12/12/03)

By "Open" by Component
Network (core) File FTP HTTP Cache Cookies
1438 85 149 726 425 620


What do you want to do?


  • Make sure you search for an existing bug before you file!
  • How to file bugs - you should be familiar with Bugzilla (the bug tracker) and's bug guidelines.
  • Please read "About Networking" before you file.


Submitted bugs
status (UNCONFIRMED or NEW), owned by default, and untargeted
Save engineers time with 4 easy steps:
  1. Check for duplicate
  2. Fix summary if needed
  3. Confirm "steps"
  4. +clean-report keyword
"qawanted" - take over the qa of a bug


ready for engineering
(crash dataloss hang smoketest regression perf)


  • Where are the test suites? Includes Core, File and FTP.
  • "testcase" keywords mark bugs that are in tests.
  • contains testcase that needs to be added to test suites

I want to help with projects

  • Issue management - turning the incoming flow of bugs into a precise list of problems
  • Feature ownership - take qa ownership of bugs or features
  • Test case development - making lists of tests for developers
  • Janitorial services: bug cleanup projects
    (old milestone keywords)



Cool projects (it would be interesting for someone to focus on...)

  • "4xp" review - filing 4xp bugs and providing a review (each milestone?) of how reverse compatible we are.
  • "arch" review - keeping a list of features or design issues that need addressing updated. Would help with prioritizing bugs for each milestone

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