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Feature Testspec

        Project:  MachV/Mozilla
        Mail and News component
        Search Messages - General UI

This testspec is intended to cover testing the general UI properties, aesthetics, content for Search Messages with an overall look for mail and news oriented selections.  Functionality of the search feature is broken into separate testspecs focusing on mail searching and news searching as individual topics.

Written by: Laurel Carlson

Last Modified and Change Description:

12/06/01  Updates for Mach V
Mail/News UI Specification page on Mozilla:

  1. Search messages accessible from:
    1. 3 pane window, focus in any pane
    2. Message window
  2. Access methods:
    1. "Account Central" page link (page which displays when account/server level selected)
    2. Main menu:
      1. Search|Search Mail/News Messages
    3. Context menu:
      1. Mail server/account level selected
      2. Folder selected
      3. News server selected
      4. Newsgroup selected
      5. Mail message selected
      6. News message selected
      7. Disabled for AOL and Netcenter Webmail selection  bugscape 3615 & 3774
  3. Main Dialog startup state:
    1. Should default to default account if no selection
    2. Should launch to default account if selected account is not searchable (AOL, Webmail)
    3. Should launch with selected scope based on selection
      1. Mail server/account level
      2. Mail folder
      3. Mail message
        • thread pane
        • message pane
        • message window
      4. News server/account level
      5. Newsgroup
      6. News message
        • thread pane
        • message pane
        • message window
    1. Launches with Single criterion line available
    2. Launches with Edit box cleared
    3. Scope dropdown shows full server/folder/group hierarchy for all searchable accounts
    4. Search Subfolders checkbox present and on by default
      1. checkmark functions
      2. checkmark sticks
      3. applicable for mail
      4. applicable for news
  4. Dialog's search criteria section:  Note:  this testspect section is intended to provide an overal UI look and feel test for the search criteria section of the search dialog based on various selections.  Detailed tests to cover all items in criteria list for a given item type will be covered in appropriate separate search testplans.
    1. More opens additional criteria lines 
    2. Fewer displays one less criteria line (disables on minimum single line)
    3. Noun criteria dropdown lists operational on each criteria line
    4. Verb/operator criteria dropdown lists operational on each criteria line
    5. Value/object criteria box is of appropriate type to the criteria:
      1. text fields (example: Sender, subject, etc.)
      2. integers only (example: age in days)
      3. widgets (date)
      4. dropdown lists (example: priority)
    6. Each value criteria is selectable and operational.
      1. can type values in text or integer fields
      2. can select each item in dropdown lists
      3. Date criteria changeable  (Note: date control widget not yet implemented  -- bugzilla 90289 & 92174)
        • by date widget
        • by typing replacement value
    7. Available Criteria changes properly when switching scope dropdown: 
      1. mail to news
      2. news to mail
      3. POP/local mail vs. IMAP mail
      1. criteria lines already specified, filled in
      2. empty, single criteria line
    8. Available criteria is appropriate when switching offline/online
      1. mail
      2. news
    9. Mnemonics  (Note: not yet implemented -- bugzilla 68899 )
  5. Main dialog Tab order 
  6. Main dialog Keyboard access
  7. Dialogs's result section:
    1. Status bar text in result pane status bar
    2. Progress indicator on search execution
    3. Result pane Keyboard access (Note: not implemented -- bug ??))
    4. Result list selection:
      1. Arrow keys
      2. Multiple selection
      3. Highlighting
      4. Scrolling/scrollbar
      5. Selection blank results list or blank area has no harmful effect
    5. A selection is able to be opened to message window
      1. Enter
      2. Double-click
      3. Open button
    6. File button operable 
    7. Delete button operable 
    8. Go to Folder button operable for all mail matches 
    9. Go to Folder button operable - subscribed newsgroup
    10. Go to Folder button disabled for selection in unsubscribed group
    11. Column headings appearance
    12. Add/delete columns via widget
    13. Click to sort column 
    14. Context menu item changes based on selection:  (Note: context menu not implemented, bug 66970)
      1. mail
      2. news
      3. news (group not subscribed)
    15. Dialog shows online/offline status indicator.
    16. No Drag and Drop search results (see bug 66955)
  8. Other/Misc tests:
    1. Search dialog  moveable around screen
    2. Exit Communicator with search dialog open -- should either exit gracefully or bring dialog to foreground: