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How to install Wnn 4.2 and Kinput2

Original document was written by Allan Masri
Modified by Teruko Kobayashi
Last updated: 10/29/99

These are instructions for installing Wnn 4.2.9, kinput2 and locale-ja_JP.EUC in your linux RedHat 6.0 environment.


1. use the .rpm distributions in this directory, or download them from

2. install Wnn4.2-9 (which includes jserver) by entering on the command line:

  % rpm -i Wnn-4.2-9JRPM60.i386.rpm

3. install kinput2 (keyboard input method)

  % rpm -i kinput2-wnn4-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm

4. install pseudo-locale ja_JP.EUC

  rpm -i locale-ja-

  This command installs locales in /usr/share/locale


1. start jserver: jserver is started by default when you reload x or reboot linux. If it is running, entering jserver on the command line will return the error, "can't bind inet". This only means that jserver is running already. You can check whether jserver is running with the command:

     % ps -aux | grep jserver

If jserver is not running, you can start it by entering the command:

     % jserver

if your system can't find jserver, add /usr/bin to the $PATH variable in your shell login file, or type

     % /usr/bin/jserver

2. start kinput2:

Enter the command,

     % kinput2 &
     % /usr/bin/X11/kinput2 &

The '&' starts the kinput2 IME in the background. All these commands must be entered in the same terminal (shell).

3. set pseudo locale

     % setenv LANG ja_JP.EUC

or use other locales: ja_JP, ja_JP.eucJP, ja_JP.ujis

    At this time, you should make sure your locale is set to ja_JP.EUC.

     % locale
     are not changed to ja_JP.EUC, you should type

     % setenv LC_ALL ja_JP.EUC

4. kinput2 should now become active whenever you activate an editable text field in an x-window that uses jserver.

Using kinput2

1. open an application that uses jserver, such as kterm

     % kterm

2. when there is a cursor where you can type, type Shift-space (at the same time). This activates the kinput window just below the input line.