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Embedding API High Level Test Plan

Embedding Project

Written by: Michael Dunn

2001-03-01 mdunn Draft
2001-03-07 mdunn Comment inclusion
2001-05-01 mdunn Updated with links
2001-05-14 mdunn Added Link to Public API Listing

Component Overview:
One purpose of the Embedding project is to provide a set of public API's to enable Third
Party Applications to realistically embed the GECKO layout engine. The layout engine in
this scenario will operate in its own process boundary from the calling application.

API's will need to be shared between the calling application and the layout engine to
manage the exchange of information.

Test Approach:
Test Design Document

We expect to use a combination of Black Box testing and Direct API testing to ensure
full API test coverage.

To test the APIs directly we will create a set of drivers in C++ instrumented to log test suites
or test cases on a pass / fail basis. One such driver which can be modified for this purpose is mfcembed.exe.
The APIs are partially catagorized below with expectation that different test suites would be instrumented
for the the various API sets.

Team Members:
Michael Dunn
David Epstein
Dharma Sirnapalli
Ashish Bhatt

Embedding API:
The current API set under development falls into the following categories:
Window Navigation
Window Operations
not-public yet

Public Embedding API Listing: