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Browser Standards Compliance QA

The Browser Standards Compliance QA team tests the component areas of the Mozilla browser including HTML/CSS/XML/XHTML layout and rendering, DOM, parsers, JavaScript and Necko (FTP, HTTP, Proxies, Cookies, Cache, URLs). The team also tests embedded products in all these areas.


If you are interested in helping us test, that's great! First, click on the link below under 'Resources' to download the current release. Then, click on one of the links below under 'Available Tests' in the area that you are interested in testing.

During the testing process, the following questions might come up:

  • What if I find an error in a test case?
    • Please file a bug report against the Documentation:Mozilla Developer component. Include the test case name and describe in detail what the error is. The problem will be corrected as quickly as possible.
  • What if I find a bug as a result of running a test case?
    • First, you need to read the Bug Writing Guidelines to familiarize yourself with the bug process.
    • Next, you will need to create a Bugzilla account in order to post new bugs or update existing bugs. Go to the Bugzilla page and click on Open a new Bugzilla account. Follow the instructions for creating an account.
    • Finally, you will post a new bug or update an existing bug according to the previously mentioned Bug Writing Guidelines.

Available Tests:

Currently, the testcases available for testing are in the areas listed below. Following one of these links will bring you to an index page of the testcases.

If you find a bug, please first search Bugzilla before writing up a new bug to avoid duplicates.