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Navigator: Who to bug?

This document lists what features the Navigator team members currently work on --both developers and QA. In an effort to more quickly get bugs to the right people, use this as a guide when assigning bugs or cc'ing others for input or help.

Who works on what?

Who in development What accessibility, keyboard navigation directory viewer (ftp and http listings), ftp & gopher networking Preferences code module, Profile Manager frontend, download manager, XUL, full screen mode turbo mode & QuickLaunch, global history, drag & drop, context menus, download manager, Bookmarks, other XP Apps features XUL file picker, tabbing navigation, event handling, mousewheel, XBL form controls Page Info View Source UI URL Bar, autocomplete (URL Bar and other textfields), XUL 1.0 implementation. JavaScript console, DOM document inspector tabbed browsing, Linux integration, Strings, performance Win32 integration, Win32 file picker, helper applications, file download UI, printing frontend, command-line options Form, Cookie, Password & Image Managers, context menus, full screen mode Search, Sidebar, Preferences, What's Related, Internet Keywords, printing frontend
Who in QA What URL Bar, Search, What's Related, Internet Keywords, bookmark & site/fav icons, bookmarks, group bookmarks (tabbed groups), history, Tasks switching download manager, helper applications, file saving, OJI (Java) Themes, skinability, Open Web Location, View Source UI, Page Info, Find in web page, selection, copy & paste, drag & drop, Win32 integration, tabbed browsing keyboard navigation, preferences (Preferences dialog & about:config), main menus & context menus in Navigator, directory viewer UI, file pickers, Properties plug-ins, XP Toolkit (XUL, etc.) editor (Composer), Sidebar, DOM to text conversion, printing Form, Password & Image Managers, online help, imageLib & imaging, tooltips, turbo mode & QuickLaunch, HTML form controls

What is worked on by whom?

The following table isn't the exact converse of the one above --mainly since some of the features are also worked on by people in other groups. Hence, some features might not be listed, and there might be more than one person per feature.

This is not meant as a comprehensive listing. The table below focuses primarily on what features the Navigator group are working on. Do check the Bugzilla component lists for further information.

What Who in development Who in QA
command-line options,,,,,<
context menus,
Cookie Manager
directory viewer,
DOM document inspector
download manager,
downloading UI
drag & drop,
file pickers Win32:
Mac OS:,
Find in page,
Form Manager
ftp & gopher
full screen mode,
helper applications,,
history global:
HTML form controls,
Image Manager
Internet Keywords
JavaScript console
keyboard navigaton overall:
tabbing and other areas:,
Mail & News:
Linux/unix integration ???
Mac OS integration
Page Info
Password Manager
performance Many owners, but from the Navigator group:,,,,,
Preferences Each area is owned by respective developer, so many people work on prefs. Check the tables on this page and the component listsfor a more specific list.

overall code owner:
overall UI:
backend: ???
Each area is owned by respective QA engineer; check the component lists for a more specific list.

overall UI, about:config:
Mail & Newgroups:
Form, Web Passwds, Image Mgrs:
History, Smart Browsing, Internet Search:
Languages, Content Packs:
printing frontend:
Profile Manager,,
QuickLaunch, turbo mode,,
site/fav & bookmark icons ???
Skinability & theme switching
tabbed browsing,
View Source UI
What's Related
Win32 integration
XBL overall owner:
form controls:,
XP Toolkit,,

Appropriate XP Apps bugs

The XP Apps and XP Apps: GUI Features are a couple of the highest-traffic Bugzilla components, as they cover rather broad areas. Many bugs are simply duplicates of existing ones. However, many are not filed appropriately, and should therefore live in another component. Putting such bugs in the best (or, perhaps just better) Bugzilla components sends them to development and QA owners who can attend to them more quickly and effectively.

Okay, so what are appropriate bugs?

Read the Bugzilla component descriptions for the browser. As well as this page. :-)

...And, what should NOT be filed in XP Apps or XP Apps: GUI?

Some examples, though not necessarily a comprehensive list:

  • Problems with how web pages are displayed (appearance, rendering of page content) should probably go to Layout or one of the more specific HTML components
  • Likewise, problems with how graphical content appears should probably go to ImageLib
  • Problems with submitting a form should likely go to Form Submission; likewise, issues with how form controls behave or appear belong in HTML Form Controls
  • Helper Application and downloading UI bugs belong in the File Handling component
  • Problems concerning plug-ins (eg, QuickTime, Flash) should go to the Plug-ins component
  • Problems with the tabbed browsing interface belong in the in Tabbed Browser component
  • Problems which occur in one theme but not another should probably go to the Themes component; likewise, problems encountered after switching or installing themes belong in Skinability
  • Problems with UI/management of passwords belong in Password Manager
  • Problems with Java
  • Problems with DHTML
  • Problems with secure (https) pages
  • Problems with Mail or News, eg, issues with any of the Mail & Newsgroups preferences panels
  • Problems with Composer (editor)