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Feature Test Specification

Seamonkey (6.0): Browser Selection

Originally written by: <Eli Goldberg>
Currently maintained by: <Terri Preston>
Date Change Description Revision Updated By
<8/19/99> First Draft, for review .5 Eli
<10/18/99> Updated for 1.0 Eli
<7/24/00> Annual update. 1.0.1 Eli
<8/22/00> Maintenance Update 1.1 Blake
<12/26/00> Maintenance Update 1.4 Terri


UI and/or Functional Specifications:

<No written specifications exist; used Mac OS & Win32 Human Interface Guidelines for behavioral baseline.>

Within the Seamonkey web browser, users will be able to utilize a number of standard gestures for copying or dragging, as well as to be able to drag-scroll through web pages.

Users will also expect all other standard forms of selection to take place, such as character-range selection, word selection (double-click), and on some platforms, line selection (triple-click).

Support for discontiguous selection (as specified by the Mac OS & Windows UI guidelines) is expected. However, since virtually no other applications support discontiguous selection, its inclusion will be pursuant to mjudge's time and motivation. ;)

Will-Test Areas:

  • Selection of text within the browser's content window.

Won't-Test Areas:

  • Selection within Editor (including Editor widgets embedded within the browser window), Mail/News, or any other components.
  • Any non-textual selection, or selection behaviors of GFX UI objects.

Major Issues:

  • NO USER INTERFACE SPEC SUPPLIED BY EDITOR TEAM. Testing efforts neutered to bare essentials pending receipt.
  1. Determine whether the following gestures are fully supported, and whether they can put the user in any error states that aren't properly handled:
    • Drag-selection
      • Both From & to text blocks, as well as from & to white (dead) space
    • Double-click (valid & invalid; e.g. on white space, garbage chars, words followed by dashes, commas, semicolons, colons)
    • Shift-select (including click at top of page, hold-shift, click at bottom to select all)
    • Select All (from Edit menu)
    • Drag-scroll (both horizontally and vertically, and both simultaneously)
    • -> Selection within text fields (both Ender and Ender Light)
  2. Table selections
    • No specifications, no testing.
  3. Special selections
    1. Through images and other user interface objects (shouldn't look displeasing --- or imply selection of images, unless images will actually be selected)
    2. Selection across JavaScript output and regular text