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Test Case Matrix for Toolbars and Window Controls

For all Window Controls testcases, the 'description' listed here is the actual test itself, just do the action described.

Feature/Function sub-feature
Description Test Case Name
Window Controls Window Title Verify the title is correct, "<page title> - Mozilla" Window Title
Window Controls Active/Inactive Window The active window is visually distinct, inactive = grey title bar. Active Window
Window Controls Maximize Window Click to maximize (expandto content on Mac) Maximize Window
Window Controls Collapse (mac only) Click to shrink to content Collapse Window
Window Controls Close Wndow Click upper-right (upper left on Mac) to close Close Window
Window Controls Stretch Window Horizontally Grab left/right window edge and drag to resize. Not available on Mac. Stretch Horizontal
Window Controls Stretch Window Vertically Grab top/bottom window edge and drag to resize. Not available on Mac. Stretch Vertical
Window Controls Stretch Window Diagonally Grab any corner of window and drag to resize. Only bottom-right corner on Mac. Stretch Diagonal
Window Controls Scroll Arrow Up Click up arrow to scroll page Scroll Up
Window Controls Scroll Arrow Down Click down arrow to scroll page Scroll Down
Window Controls Thumb Scroll Click and drag thumb to scroll page Thumb Scroll
Window Controls Page scroll Click in the scrollbar area to page up/down. Page Scroll
Toolbars Show and Hide Verify that Personal and Navigation bars can be expanded and collapsed show-hide-toolbar
Toolbars Reorder Verify that toolbars can be dragged&dropped to change their order drag-drop-toolbar
not implemented
Bookmarks/Personal Toolbar Correct items on Bookmarks bar. Verify correct bookmarks are installed in Bookmarks bar. verify-bookmarks
Personal Toolbar Add a folder Verify that a folder added to the personal toolbar functions properly. add-toolbar - folder
Navigation Toolbar Buttons Verify that each buttons executes as appropriate. buttons-navbar
Taskbar Correct items/links Verify that the correct items are in the taskbar. verify-taskbar
Taskbar Component buttons Verify that component buttons work and behave as appropriate. buttons-taskbar