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Testcase Matrix for Sidebar

Feature/Function sub-feature
sub function
Description Test Case Name
Sidebar Startup Check default panels and default open panels(content loaded?) Default Panels Test
Sidebar Startup Check default width of Sidebar Default Width Test
Sidebar Constraints Check for maximum width of Sidebar Max Width Test
Sidebar Width Retaining non-default size on reopen or new window Width Test
Sidebar UI Cursors should have the right icon when mousing over Cursor Test
Sidebar Mouse Over Verify that panels appear highlighted when mouse is moved over them MouseOver Test
Sidebar Opening/Closing Check Opening/Closing of Sidebar with grippy Open/Close Test
Sidebar Add/Remove Check that addition of a panel works Add Panels Test
Sidebar Add/Remove Adding a already added panel Readd Panel Test
Sidebar Add/Remove Delete a panel Delete Panel Test
Sidebar Add/Remove Delete all panels Delete All Test
Sidebar Add/Remove Verify list of available remote panels List Panels Test
Sidebar Add/Remove Verify list of available local panels Local Panels Test
Sidebar Preview Test the previewing of panels Preview Panels Test
Sidebar Customization Test the Customization of panels Customize Test
Sidebar Re-Order Verify reordering of panels works Reorder Test
Sidebar Cancel Verify that nothing changes when you cancel Cancel Test
Sidebar Save Verify that order and panel list is immediately applied Save Test
Sidebar What's Related Verify that What's Related lists related sites What's Related Test
Sidebar What's Realted Verify that links in What's Related panels work What's Related Links Test
Sidebar Bookmarks Verify that links in Bookmarks work Bookmarks Links Test
Sidebar Bookmarks Verify that changes reflect immediately from Bookmarks Manager Bookmarks Test
Sidebar Add Menu Verify that panel title show up in Add menu when panel is added Add Menu Test
Sidebar Add Menu Verify that unselecting panels from Add menu removes panels from the Sidebar Add Menu Delete Test
Sidebar Add Panel using Javascript Verify that adding of a panel using javascript works Javascript Add Test