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Test Case Description for: Changing a preference

Author: Sarah Liberman


Change and save a preference.

Initial Conditions:

Preferences dialog should already be opened in the browser.


  1. Select the Navigator category if isn't already displayed in the right panel of the dialog.
  2. In the "Home page" section, go into the Location textfield and delete its contents.
  3. Enter the URL into the Location textfield.
  4. Save and dismiss the Preferences dialog by clicking the OK button.
  5. Quit the browser.
  6. Go into your profile directory and view the contents of the prefs.js file (see results below).
  7. Close prefs.js.
  8. Restart the browser and verify that the URL of the startup page is the same as what you entered in step #3.
  9. Open the Preferences dialog.
  10. Verify changes to the Navigator panel.

Expected Results:

  1. The prefs.js file in your profile directory should now have the following line:
    • user_pref("browser.startup.homepage", "");
  2. Upon restarting the browser, the startup page should be
  3. Upon reopening the Preferences, the Navigator panel should display


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