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Test Case Description for: Basic Navigation

Author: Sarah Liberman


Tests for basic navigation in Preferences.

Initial Conditions:

Preferences dialog should already be opened in the browser.


Select category in the category tree:

  • Within the the left panel of the dialog (the category tree), select the Appearance category by clicking its name (single-click) with the mouse pointer.

Expected Results:

Appearance should become highlighted in the category tree, and the right panel of the dialog should display the Appearance panel.


Collapse and expand the parent categories:

  1. Select the Appearance category.
  2. If it is expanded, you should see its children categories: Fonts, Colors, Themes. If not, proceed to step #4.
  3. With your mouse, single-click the "twisty" (down-pointing arrow-shaped widget) to the left of Appearance's label to collapse the parent category.
  4. When the Appearance category is collapsed, single-click the twisty again to expand it.
  5. Repeat #3, except double-click over Appearance's label, to collapse it.
  6. Repeat #5 to expand it again.
  7. Repeat #3 and #5, except hit the Enter (or Return) key to toggle between collapsing and expanding the Advanced parent category.

Expected Results:

  • Collapsing should result in the child categories going away, as well as the twisty becoming a right-pointing arrow.
  • Expanding should result in displaying the child categories (Fonts, Colors, Themes).


Move through the category tree by hitting the up and down arrows on the keyboard.

  1. Select the Advanced category.
  2. Using the down arrow key, click down through the category tree.
  3. When you reach the last category, Debug, use the up arrow key to travel up the category tree.
Expected Results:
  1. Clicking the up or down arrow key should highlight the next (if using the down arrow) or previous (if using the up arrow) category displayed in the tree.
  2. The right panel should update to display the appropriate contents of the selected category.


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