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Test Case Description for testing Shockwave plugin


Purpose: Determine that Shockwave plugin works properly

Initial Conditions


  1. Click here for Games page (tons of flash and shockwave games)
  2. Click here for I-Bench Shockwave test
  3. Context Menu Tests
  4. Shockwave Test Page. Click on top 3 links on this page to launch pages with shockwave movies.
  5. Click here to visit website. Click on links to 'Games' , 'Shows', "Music', 'Greetings' to test shockwave/ flash contents. This website is an exhaustive collection of shockwave/flash movies to test.
  6. Shockwave Gallery website. Click on Games, Toys, Project Samples and other links to test shockwave contents
  7. Click here to visit the macromedia showcase gallery with plenty of shockwave/flash websites
  8. Sanrio Shockwave Gallery . Click and play the games on this page.
  9. DogDay's Shockwave Gallery. Click on links under the title 'Visit The Gallery' to load pages with shockwave content.
  10. ZeoSphere Shockwave Gallery. Click on banners on this page to view shockwave content
  11. Click here to load an extensive testcase suite for shockwave plugin
  12. Click here to load an extensive testcase suite for shockwave plugin
  13. Perceptive Productions ShockwaveGallery. Click on the clips on this page one by one to load and view shockwave movies
  14. CyberMaze Shockwave Gallery. Click on links on this page to see shockwave content.

Expected Results

All shockwave and /or flash movies should load work properly