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Test Case Description for testing Quicktime Plugin


Determine that Quicktime movies play properly

Initial Conditions



  1. Launch the browser
  2. Click here to open a video tests page. Click on the Quicktime movie tests and verify that movies play properly
  3. Click here to visit a page with quicktime movies. Click on all movies one by one to view them.
  4. Click here to view the Apple quicktime trailers page. Click on the images to play the movies. Try the links as well. Try out movies in all sizes (small, medium, large). Move browser scrollbars to see if page paints correctly or not while movie is playing.
  5. Click here to view a page with plugins inside table. Try to play all plugins simultaneously.
  6. In all steps above, press the browser's BACK or FORWARD button and see that the movie unloads/loads properly
  7. Click here. Click on the quicktime logos to watch movies.
  8. Some large quicktime movies on this page.
  9. IFilm website. choose Quicktime to watch movies on this site. To change preferences, click on "More Options" in the right pane of the window and select "Change preferences" to change player settings.
  10. Green MileVideos.
  11. PlanetOut (Queer Tv) Videos. PlanetOut Archive. Click on "watch in quicktime for all movies"
  12. Click here. Watch videos in High/Low bandwidth.

Expected Results

All Quicktime movies should load and play properly.