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Test Case Description for testing Windows Media player plugin


Determine that Windows Media player works properly

Initial Conditions



  • - Daniel Johns Music - Pop singer/songwriter Daniel Johns combines streaming ASF & MP3...
  • - Tranzor Z Productions - Mixing hard trance and progressive house. Hours of music in Windows Media format.
  • - - Home of ASF-formatted media. Radio Station Guide, music downloads, and...
  • - SoundClick - ASF and MP3. Stars and unsigned artists. Streaming songs and videos in...
  • - Hollywood and Vine - Streaming music and videos from Capitol Records. Some clips, some full-length.
  • - Classical Is Cool - Classical music in ASF (ASX) with performer information.
  • - Listen with iRaMa - Listen to streaming audio and dedicate a song to friends.
  • - CLUAS - Stream or download songs by unsigned acts for free (ASF, ASX, WMA, MP3...
  • - Rev-Radio (Revolution Radio) - Streaming audio files from a variety of indie artist in Windows Media and...
  • - - Provides song samples via the internet.
  • - - Tons of windows media files. To change player settings, click on "MoreOptions" and then click on "Change Preferences"
  • - MSNBC website videos. More videos here

Expected Results

All media player files should load/work properly