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Test Case Description for view never saved password through preferences


Verify that when you have designated not to ever save a username and password in password manager, this information can be viewed in the password manager through preferences

Initial Conditions

Browser should be started, password manager should be enabled and you should have a username and password for a site, such as


  1. Go to a sight that requires a password, such as
  2. Enter a username and password and click sign in to
  3. You should be presented with a dialog box asking if you would like to save your username and password, click never for this site
  4. From the Edit drop down list, select preferences
  5. Click the arrow next to advanced
  6. Click passwords
  7. Click the view stored passwords button
  8. Click the Passwords never saved tab
  9. Repeat for several different sites

Expected Results

3. This site should be saved in the passwords Never Saved portion of password manager

4. The preference panel should be displayed

5. The advanced options should be displayed

6. The password panel should be displayed on the right hand side

7. The password manager box should come up with the passwords saved tab in front

8. You should see listed