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Test Case Description for image stress gif


To determine whether the web brower gracefully deals with unusual, corrupted, or invalid GIF images. (Test case uses the image library compiled by Pam Nunn.)

Initial Conditions



View each of the below-linked images, and confirm that the web browser does not crash, or display the images in a less-desirable fashion than Communicator 4.5x or IE do.

Expected Results

(Output equivalent or more desirable than that of Communicator 4.5x or IE.)


Animated GIF with subsequent frame larger than header




Animated GIFs containing at least one corrupted frame


GIF with a 1-pixel high frame


Not covered, but should be (from Pam's list):

  • background: erase
  • background: overlay
  • corruption in frame1+
  • frame1+ dimens < header dimens
  • global colormaps
  • local colormaps
  • 1x1 images