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Test Case Description for dragging onto the application icon


Verify that all valid file types can be dragged onto the application icon on Windows and Mac OS


  1. Download the test archive for your system, linked below, to your computer and decompress it.
  2. Drag the HTML file mozilla.html onto the application icon
  3. Drag the shortcut file onto the application icon
  4. Drag the text file mozilla.txt onto the application icon
  5. Drag the image file mozilla.jpg onto the application icon
  6. Drag the image file mozilla.gif onto the application icon
  7. Drag your a folder (or directory) icon from your desktop or file manager onto the application icon.
  8. Drag the Recycle Bin (Trash on Mac OS) onto the application icon.

Expected Results

2. The page should be displayed

3. The Web site should be displayed

4. The text file should be displayed

5. Mozilla himself should be displayed

6. The banner should be displayed

7. The directory contents should be displayed

8. The drag&drop operation should be either rejected or ignored