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Feature Testcases

Ender (Composer), Object Insertion: Horizontal Line

Written by: Germaine Brown

Maintained by: Sujay Desai

Date Change Description Revision Updated By
10/31/97 creation 1.0 germaine
12/22/98 modified 1.1 petersen


UI and/or Functional Specifications:

Test Case Management Usage:
The detailed test cases for this can be found in: TBD
Major Area: Composer
Minor Area: Object Insertion
Category: Horizontal Line

Insertion and options of Horizontal Line

  1. Insertion
    1. Using icon
    2. Using Insert Menu Item
  2. Editing
    1. height
    2. width
      1. pixels
      2. percent of window
    3. alignment
    4. 3D shading
    5. Extra HTML
  3. Editing Access
    1. Icon
    2. Using Format Menu Item
    3. Double click
    4. Command key
  4. Positioning
    1. before target
    2. after target
    3. before image
    4. after image
    5. before table
    6. after table
    7. inside a table
    8. before link
    9. after link
    10. after another horizontal line
Matrix for testing <xyz feature>
a b c d
1 1a 1b 1c 1d
2 2a 2b 2d 2d
3 3a 3b 3c 3d
4 4a 4b 4c 4d