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QA tests for XSL Transformations (XSLT) in Mozilla

by Axel Hecht

This page provides a bunch of testcases to hunt regression concerning XSLT in Mozilla.

Mozilla module testcases

Embedded XSLT stylesheet
CSS styling with inline CSS stylesheet
CSS styling with external CSS stylesheet
Wrong MIME type in the stylesheet
Wrong MIME type in document() function
Bad content tries to create unallowed children

Conformance tests

Xalan has lots of conformance tests and we created a UI to run them from within Mozilla. This tool, Buster, is not built by default, so you need to jump through a loop to get to it.


To build buster, go to your builddir/extensions/transformiix and srcdir/build/autoconf/make-makefiles resources. Then cd resources and make chrome. Hrm. Peterv? need mac foo.


The QA menu in Navigator has a submenu XSLT QA now, which has entries for Xalan tests and XSLTMark. Xalan tests is what you want. This starts buster in a new window. Next thing to do is selecting your xalan.rdf. The Browse... button next to Xalan index opens a filepicker. Then the conf and perf tests should display, and you can select the tests you want to run.

Regression testing

Buster lets you save and load results, so you can compare previous testruns with the current one.