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Welcome to the XPCOM page. This area is intended to be a central clearinghouse for information related to XPCOM.


Rules and guidelines for writing new code

Smart Pointers and Ownership

Manuals and Guides


XPIDL, XPConnect and friends

  • Roadmap for XPCOM, XPConnect, XPTCall, and XPIDL describes how they all fit together
  • XPConnect describes how XPCOM based classes can be accessed through JavaScript.
  • XPIDL is the XP Interface Description Language used to specify XPCOM interface classes
  • xptcall is a library that supports invoking methods on arbitrary xpcom objects and implementing classes whose objects can impersonate an xpcom interface
    • porting status lists the currently supported platforms. There are currently many platforms that we need help on.
    • porting guide describes the assembly code that is needed to implement xptcall
  • Type Library Format describe the type libraries (.xpt files) that are binary representations of XPCOM interfaces
    • Tools for Typelibs - xpt_dump dumps the information in a typelib to the screen and xpt_link merges typelib files

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