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Mozilla WebServices Demos - Translation WebService Demo, HTTP-based Chat extended with Translation Add-on

Marcio Galli (mgalli @
Roger Soares (roger @

This demo showcases a Web based application that interoperates with Web Services. The demo is a simple HTTP chat where you can log on and have a chat conversation with other buddies. Thanks to Mozilla WSDL implementation, this chat was extended to support auto-translation using and Babelfish Web services.

Installation Requirements

The demo depends on Mozilla WSDL/SOAP support so it's recommended to download recent Mozilla web browser.

Testing the Translator Service

Inline Sample: Testing the Translation Service

You can use the following widget to test the translation service. Type a sentence in english and click Translate. The JavaScript code will call a remote method on and the translation results should appear on the page. Note that this page comes from however Mozilla connects to without security alerts. This process is smooth and safe because of the New Security Model in Mozilla.

English>portuguese | English>French | English>German


Running the demonstration

Click here to access the BitPapo HTTP chat application. Once you log on, you can send messages into the chat session. Note the buttons on the right side, you can simply click a button that will send the text message auto-translated.