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Vixen: Property Inspector


The element attribute inspector is a narrow vertical window located by default to the left of the Visual Form Designer (VFD) (note that window placement is free floating and is thus completely arbitrary however). It shows the properties of the selected object.


A tree widget, with two display modes. The first is a property/value representation of the attributes set on the element. Using XML Schema, not only the set attributes are displayed, but all valid attributes for the selected element as governed by a simple XUL DTD.

The second mode is a style property list, showing a very simple style representation for an object with the ability to specify list-style image, -moz-binding, etc.

The two modes can be switched between using a menulist at the top of the window.

Population by Element Selection

When an element is selected in the VFD, the DTD is probed and the corresponding section for the selected element is retrieved and displayed in the property inspector (RDF datasource?) The DTD would have to contain meta information associated with the property so that the UI can be adaptive, e.g. a src property would have a browse button associated with it.

This window should be dependant on the main window (close with it), be singleton and be a toolwindow type with a narrow titlebar and no taskbar representation

Non-VFD Selection properties

This window can also be used to display information about elements other than those in the VFD when the VFD is not selected. Project information etc can be displayed.