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Venkman JavaScript Debugger project page


Venkman is the code name for Mozilla's JavaScript Debugger. Venkman aims to provide a powerful JavaScript debugging environment for Gecko-based browsers namely Firefox 2.x, the Netscape 7.x series of browsers, Netscape 9.x series, Mozilla Seamonkey 1.x and Mozilla Seamonkey 2.x. It does not include Gecko-based browsers such as K-Meleon 1.x, Galeon 2.x and Netscape 8.x. The debugger is available as an add-on package in XPI format. Venkman JavaScript Debugger has been provided as part of the Mozilla install distribution since October 3rd 2001.

Firefox does not come with a built-in JavaScript debugger. Nevertheless, Firefox users can download Venkman JavaScript debugger version as an extension here:

Download latest Venkman Javascript Debugger extension for Firefox
from Firefox Add-ons at Mozilla Add-ons

If you are using SeaMonkey 1.x or Seamonkey 2.x, then you should be using a recent Venkman version. If you find a problem, please follow directives mentionned at Venkman FAQ section 5.4 and then you may report a bug on Venkman Javascript Debugger.

If you are using Nvu 1.0 or KompoZer 0.7.10, then you can download the Venkman Javascript Debugger add-on version 0.9.84 available from Nvu's downloads page. We encourage you to use the latest available version (or higher) with Firefox instead.

Mozilla Suite version 1.7+ and Mozilla Seamonkey 1.x come with Venkman version 0.9.87 (or higher) pre-installed. Netscape 7.x users should upgrade to Firefox 2 or to Seamonkey 1.1.x (or Seamonkey 2.x) in order to use the latest version of Venkman. If you cannot upgrade for some reason, then you may need to visit and read Venkman development page in order to find the latest available Venkman version for your browser.

More resources (articles, links) are available at Venkman's page at Mozilla Developer Center.

Brief History

In 1998, John Bandhauer was in charge of creating the Netscape 4x JavaScript debugger. In order to keep things modular, he began by creating a mid-level JavaScript debugging API known as js/jsd. This API augments the existing JavaScript API, providing clients with a useful set of debugger functionality implemented in C. John then went on to reflect that API into Java, and create his cross platform front end, eventually producing Netscape JavaScript Debugger 1.0 and 1.1.

In April of 2001, Robert Ginda began work on a JavaScript debugger for Mozilla, called Venkman. Venkman builds on the js/jsd portion of John's 1998 work, exposing it as an XPCOM component. This allows the user interface be written in JavaScript and XUL, which allows Venkman to be fully cross platform.

Further Reading

See this entry in the FAQ for links to much more Venkman documentation.