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Widgets look for platform-agnostic Skin

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Last modified by German Bauer Aug 15, 1999

Older spec, will be updated


Latest Changes Apr 28-30:
Added Focus state. Cleanup matching colors. Added borders in non-hover state to make sure widgets are recognizable on a variety of backgrounds (including white). Some smaller finetuning of broders and edges.

Changes made since Dec16:
Minor cleanup; based on great feedback from, the XPFE group and other assorted 'users' we have refined the first stab at a platform neutral widget kit. Changes from the first version in particular are making the normal (non-moused-over) state of the widgets less camouflaged.

Changes made since Jan 1999:
Minor cleanup; based on more great feedback, cleaning up default colors: dark tinge now always #666666, light tinge white and disabled tinge is #999999, default selection background is now always 333366 with white text. Cleaned up popup/combobox widgets, added tree widgets and scrollbars.

Goals for platform neutral widget design:

  • Simple is good. Let the widgets be less salient when the user is focussed on content, more salient when mouse is over or element has the focus
  • Recognizable, yet independent Rather than re-inventing the wheel we leverage known appearances from the OSes. Yet the widgets should look different enough so users would not expect full behavior compliance with OS.
  • Web-like, matching characteristics of modern skin
  • (Keyboard) focus is easy to identify
  • Environment neutral, should work with most commonly used backgrounds
  • draw color values from the browser safe palette
  • promote an internally consistent look among the widgets

older version lives here