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UI Specification

UE Framework  for Seamonkey

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Last Modification:
Author German W. Bauer 
Orig. Initial Creation Date:  31 January 1998 
Status: final
Exec Summary
Design Overview
Design Details 

Overall Seamonkey UI Specs Page

Feature Team

Older spec, will be updated


Seamonkey will feature a modular UE structure that is repeated throughout applications in the product. This specification describes the basic UE building blocks for application windows.


Give end-users common places to look for groups of functionality. Structure the platform UI such that it is easy to understand what each component does. Be cosistent when applying the layout framework to applications on the C5 platform, so that end users can leverage usage knowledge as they go from one app to another

Target Audience

The target user for this feature are Communicator Seamonkey users as described by Product Marketing

User Tasks

Fundamental Tasks Intermediate Tasks Advanced Tasks
  • Quickly identify components and their purpose on the screen layout of any app on the Seamonkey client platform
  • Customize the arrangement of components (if enabled), e.g.closing side bar, collapsing toolbars
  • Advanced customization (e.g. sidebar docked on the right side) etc.

    Design Overview

    Default building blocks


    Modular and consistent layout

    throughout applications on Seamonkey platform (click here to see full size version)


    Design Details

    Overview of components common to all Seamonkey client applications (e.g. Browser)

    Sidebar Toolbar
    Status bar
    Task switcher  

    Preview across applications

    Browser Mail Chat Addressbook


    Main menu

    Menu framework and extension policies are described in the
    UE Specification for this component

    Application specific core tools

    Core Application Functionality
  •            Back, Forward,
  •            New Msg ...
  • UE Specification for this component (app specific):

    • for Nav (coming up shortly)
    • for Messenger

    Tasks/services switcher

    Switching between / launching tasks and services
  • Core apps
  • Open tasks (windows)
  • Services

  • UE Specification for this component (prelim)


    "The next bit of information..."
  • app specific sidebar area
  • Notifcations section
  • News

  • UE Specification for this component

    Status bar

    The status of the Seamonkey environment at a glance
  • Notifier area
  • Secure connection
  • On/Offline
  • Progress/JS/Link mouseover area/text
  • etc...

  • UE Specification for this component

    Error Messages and Dialogs
    User Choices

    Archived Documents

    Examples of special formatting:


    Rev 1: first stab, based on usability testing, UI design docs and FE eng and tech specs
    Rev 2: complete redesign to accomodate all apps on C5 platform, especially messenger

    Rev 3: final design, based on framework, resulting of collboration with Netscape Netcenter Design

    Special Notes

    This is a pre-release document based on refined designs