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UI Specification

Context Menus Overview

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Last Modification:

Author German W. Bauer 
Initial Creation Date:  20 Sep 1999 

Status: Implemetable Framework Specification

What's related: 

Design Overview
Design Cheatsheet
Design Details 

Specific Application Menus:

  • Navigator main menu specification (under construction)
  • Messenger main menu specificaton

Feature Team


Older spec, will be updated



This document desribe the cross-platform (and where possible cross-application) context menu structure. It attempts to show all context menus in one place so we can coordinate structure and appearance

Design Goals

Keep the menu structure consistent across apps, platforms.
Apply logical structure.

The scope of the task is roughly similar to 4.x, but context menus did grow out of proportion in recent releases. Rather than allowing access to the whole apps functionality they should focus on the most commonly used actions that are possible with the given selected/moused over object.

Target Audience

The target user for this feature are medium advanced Seamonkey that are familiar with right-clicking Win32, Linux) or control-clicking (MacOS) to invoke context/selection sensitive commands.


User Tasks


Fundamental Tasks

Intermediate Tasks

Advanced Tasks

  • Apply actions to selected object underneath at mouse position
  • 'Cue card' for what can be done to that object




Design Cheatsheet

General Design



Keyboard shortcuts combined with Ctrl(Win), Cmd(Mac) or Alt(Linux) are marked like this
Keyboard shortcuts to be used stand-alone are marked like this
Notes are marked like this
Keyboard mnemonics (Win, Linux) are marked like this


Editing Functions (if any)

Actions to inner object

Actions to container object

Object Properties


Content area

Selected Text



Form/Input Field (text)


Selected Folder in Bookmarks List

Selected Bookmark in Bookmarks List

Selected Separtor in Bookmarks List

Anywhere else in Bookmarks List

View List >


Selected Folder in History List

Selected Bookmark in History List

Anywhere else in History List

View List >




Editing Functions (if any)

Actions to inner object

Actions to container object

Object Properties


Content area

Selected Text



Envelope area (mail)

Selected Address (mail)

Envelope area (news)

Selected Address (news)

Ind. Attachment

Thread View

Ind. Message (mail)

Mult. sel. Messages (mail)

Ind. Message (news)

Mult. sel. Messages (news)


Folder View

Mail Server
(Folder View)

News Server
(Folder View)

Generic Mail Folder
(Folder View)

(Folder View)



Inbox Folder
(Folder View)

Trash Can Folder
(Folder View)

Sent, Draft,Templates Folders
(Folder View)

Unsent Messages Folder
(Folder View)





 Message Composition

Subject Field

Content Area (anywhere in body of message, nothing specific selected)

Content Area (specific content selected)