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Navigator Mojo
UI Specification

Navigator Bookmarks Bar

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Author German W. Bauer
Initial Creation Date:  08 Mar 1999 
Status: Implementable specification

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Bookmarks and History UE Specification


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Design Overview
Design Cheat sheet
Design Details 


Feature Team


The bookmarks bar will Navigator specific and user customized items for quick access

Goals for our end users

This is the location in Navigator Mojo that we will exclusively reserved for and maintained by the end-user.
Promote convenient access to bookmarks, frequently used folders and links, as well as to 'home' and 'My Netscape' .

Target Audience

The target user for this feature are Mojo Mojo users as described in the Mojo PRD

User Tasks

Fundamental Tasks Intermediate Tasks Advanced Tasks
  • Go to 'home' location
  • Go to 'My Netscape' location
  • Go to default 'Search' location
  • Go to default 'Shop' location
  • Park items (bookmarks and folders) in custom section for quick access
    Remove items from custom section
    used through manage bookmarks

  • Use drag and drop to populate Bookmarks Bar
  • Reconfigure items in core section

  • Design Cheat sheet

    Bookmarks bar for Netscape Navigator

    Design Details

    Overview of component groups in the bookmarks bar

    Core Section
    Bookmarks/Custom Section

    Customize button

    Note:Not in Mojo until we have a way to show bookmarks bar contents alone in 'Manage Bookmarks" style window


    These are the core level access points for sites related to the Internet. Even though they are slightly different than items in the other sections (core, in there by default), all of these feature some kind of personalization/customization aspect

    Note: With the exception of "Home" these items are not in Mozilla builds

    Let users 'park' links here for quick and frequent access
  • Make customizing this bar easier and more discoverable for beginners, leads to a folder like listing of contents like manage bookmarks.
  • Presentation
  • Core section contains items that will always be there, so far these are Home and My Netscape in this order. Both work as links
  • These are there as out-of-the box default
  • links would and expose blue color/ underline behavior upon mouse-over
  • may contain folders as well as links
  • links would and expose blue color/ underline behavior upon mouse-over
  • folders open similarly to bookmarks
    Can be removed?
  • by going to prefs (later we'll have a customize command for all toolbars)
  • Yes, via Manage Bookmarks
    Can be changed from Net
  • No
  • No



    Open Issues

    • Net2phone button integration
    • Home button location not finalized

    Menus & Preferences 

    Context Menus

    There will be specific items here to get at the properties of the bookmarks bar for advanced users with the ability, as well as to let the user reset the bar to the 'factory default (later, not for Mojo)

    Items on the personal toolbar will have context menus similar to what folders and bookmarks have in the "Manage Bookmarks" window.



    Preferences | Configuration of core Bookmarks Bar items through preferences

    Note: With the exception of "Home" these items are not in Mozilla builds

    Note: This is a prelim. UI design until we have a better way to configure toolbars in general - coming soon.

    No specific prefs are expected at this point in time.

    Error Messages and Dialogs
    User Choices