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Mozilla Accessibility on Unix QA

First, we developed some test cases to assure the quility of different layers, and must use some test tools to help testing, also we have some test reports to record results of every round.

Test Cases

Per request of Mozilla Accessibility's different layers, our QA work should assure the correctness of each layer's implementation, so we developed three kinds of test cases as follows, go to see the Test Cases.

  • nsIAccessible Interface: test the bridge from nsIAccessbile to ATK, cross-platform
  • ATK Objects: test the Mozilla ATK Implementation
  • AT Application: from the end-user's view, test the whole implementation - how about the information exposed and how about the 3rd party application uses them

Test Tools

Testing mozilla Accessibility is different with other testing. It needs some AT (Assistive Technologies) test tools, such as:

Test Reports

Every time we have a stable build, we will have a full test and test report. In order to know the current status of the build, go to see our Test Reports.
Also there are some other test reports related with Mozilla Accessibility.

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