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ThunderbirdReview Requirements

General Notes

This document covers all patches to the mozilla/mail hierarchy. For questions or concerns arising from this document, please direct questions to


  • One level of review is required. For codebase-wide, simple, repetitive changes (such as relicensing, spelling, whitespace or capitalization changes), review from a Thunderbird Peer is not required as long as the patch as a whole has review.
  • Please test your changes thoroughly in Thunderbird before soliciting review.
  • Significant UI changes (e.g. changing the behaviour of a dialog, pref changes, visual modifications beyond alignment/appearance inconsistencies) should be reviewed by the Thunderbird owner or a peer.
  • When making significant changes or additions, please ensure that all relevant source comments/documentation are accurate and up to date. If there is no documentation, please consider adding good documentation to save others time in the future.
  • While we will do our best to get things together so they can land before a freeze, giving us a reasonable amount of time is paramount to us actually being able to get your patch in..

Current Reviewers

Name Role Bugmail
Scott MacGregor Owner
David Bienvenu Owner
Magnus Melin Peer
Phil Ringnalda Peer