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Your site CUSTOMIZE: insert URL here does not support the Firefox 2 browser or other browsers based upon the Gecko Layout engine such as Camino 1, Seamonkey 1, Epiphany 2, Galeon 2 and K-meleon 1.

There's a report filed regarding this issue in's bug system. You can view comments and add comments yourself: insert bug number here

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By following the ECMA recommendations for ECMAScript (JavaScript) and the W3C recommendations for HTML 4.01, CSS 2.1, and the DOM (Document Object Model) in your content, your site will work with these next-generation browsers as well as other browsers that support open standards such as Opera 9, Safari 2 and Internet Explorer 7.

The following resources will help you support open standards, while at same time keep your site working with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The information on Gecko browser detection is also important.

ECMAScript 262 3rd Edition (JavaScript) Standard

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Technical Recommendations
The W3C defines the public standards for the World Wide Web which Firefox 2 uses.

Mozilla Developer Center Documentation
Visit Mozilla Developer Center site for information specific to supporting Firefox 2 and other browsers based upon the Gecko layout engine.

Using Web Standards in Your Web Pages
A number of elements and practices considered "standard" among web developers for adding DHTML and/or cross-browser support to their web pages were excluded from the W3C HTML 4.01 and Document Object Model specifications.
An overview of the process for upgrading the content of your web pages to conform to the W3C web standards is given at

The Document Object Model in Mozilla
-------------------------------------- contains useful links for learning about and using the Document Object Model (DOM) in Mozilla and other Gecko-based browsers.

The Gecko DOM Reference provides a beginner web developer guide to Firefox's implementation of the W3C DOM and includes numerous examples.

Updating DHTML Web Pages
What you need to know about document.all and other proprietary extensions and how to work with them in a cross-browser world.

Browser Detection and Cross Browser Support
When you detect browsers embedded with the Gecko rendering engine, it's simplest for you to sniff for "Gecko" rather than a specific vendor name or full user agent string. You'll find more infot in these articles:

JavaScript Debugger for Firefox
Venkman is a full featured interactive debugger for Firefox and Seamonkey For more information:

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