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SQL Support in Mozilla

Mozilla's SQL Support allows applications to directly connect to SQL databases. A web application no longer needs to pass information through a scripting language, such as Perl or Python, in order to receive information it can use. The removal of the layer seperating applications and data simplifies the job of the programmer.

Download/Install Mozilla SQL Support

All packages have been moved to Mozilla Update

Get the Source

The code is checked into the mozilla/extensions/sql directory.

Build it

Run the following commands to build SQL support into Mozilla.

  1. configure --enable-extensions=default,sql
  2. export MOZ_ENABLE_PGSQL=1 
  3. export MOZ_PGSQL_INCLUDES=Your PGSQL directory/include
  4. export MOZ_PGSQL_LIBS=Your PGSQL directory/lib
  5. Build Mozilla as you normally would

Example code

There is a test app checked into the mozilla/extensions/sql/sqltest directory.


Run the test application by loading it in the browser or running with the -chrome command line option set to chrome://sqltest/content/.


File a bugzilla report, in the "SQL" component. Be sure to read the bug writing guidelines so you can understand the process of filing a bug.



Development: Jan Varga
Quality Assurance: Owen Marshall