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Mozilla Security Group

IMPORTANT: Anyone who believes they have found a Mozilla-related security vulnerability can and should report it by sending email to the address

This information was last updated on January 8, 2008. See also the Mozilla Security Group membership policy.

Security Group

Daniel Veditz, Moderator (Mozilla Corporation)
Alexander Sack (Debian/Ubuntu)
Alfred Peng (Sun)
Allan Beaufour
Asa Dotzler (Mozilla Corporation)
Ben Bucksch (Beonex)
Ben Goodger (Google)
Ben Turner (Mozilla Corporation)
Benjamin Smedberg
Bernd Mielke
Blake Kaplan
Blake Ross
Bob Clary
Bob Lord (Red Hat, Inc.)
Boris Zbarsky
Brandon Sterne (Mozilla Corporation)
Brendan Eich (Mozilla Corporation)
Brian Crowder (Mozilla Corporation)
Carsten Book (Mozilla QA)
Chris Beard (Mozilla Corporation)
Chris Blizzard
Chris Hofmann (Mozilla Corporation)
Christian Biesinger
Christopher Aillon (Red Hat, Inc.)
Clint Talbert (Mozilla QA)
Colin Blake (Cenzic)
Damon Sicore (Mozilla Corporation)
Dan Mosedale
Daniel Holbert (Mozilla Corporation)
Darin Fisher (Google)
David Ascher (Mozilla Mail)
David Baron (Mozilla Corporation)
David Bienvenu
Doug Turner
Frank Hecker (Mozilla Foundation)
Frederic Crozat (Mandriva)
Gavin Sharp (Mozilla Corporation)
Gervase Markham (Mozilla Foundation)
Giorgio Maone (
Graydon Hoare (Mozilla Corporation)
Heikki Toivonen (OSAF)
Ian Hickson
Ian Jackson (Ubuntu)
Igor Bukanov
Igor Pohis (PTC)
J. Paul Reed
Jay Patel (Mozilla Corporation)
Jeff Walden
Jesse Ruderman
Johnathan Nightingale (Mozilla Corporation)
Johnny Stenback (Mozilla Corporation)
Jonas Sicking (Mozilla Corporation)
Josh Bressers (Red Hat, Inc.)
Josh Soref
Juan Becerra (Mozilla Corporation)
Julien Pierre (Sun)
Justin Dolske (Mozilla Corporation)
Kai Engert
Kohei Yoshino (Mozilla Japan)
Marcelo Ricardo Leitner (Mandriva)
Mark Mentovai
Martijn Wargers
Martin Stransky (Red Hat, Inc.)
Mats Palmgren
Matt Zimmerman (Debian/Ubuntu)
Michael Kaply (IBM)
Mike Beltzner (Mozilla Corporation)
Mike Connor
Mike Pinkerton (Camino)
Mike Schroepfer (Mozilla Corporation)
Mike Shaver (Mozilla Corporation)
Mitchell Baker (Mozilla Corporation)
Namachivayam Thirumazhusai
Neil Rashbrook
Nelson Bolyard (Sun)
Olli Pettay
Peter Van der Beken
Rafael Ebron
Randal Jesup (WorldGate)
Rob Campbell (Mozilla Corporation)
Rob Helmer (Mozilla Corporation)
Robert O'Callahan
Roger B. Sidje
Samuel Sidler
Scott Collins
Scott MacGregor
Seth Spitzer
Stephen Donner (Mozilla Corporation)
Stuart Morgan (Camino)
Tim Riley (Mozilla Corporation)
Tim Rowley (IBM)
Tony Chung (Mozilla QA)
Vlad Vukićević (Mozilla Corporation)
Wan-Teh Chang (Google)
Window Snyder (Mozilla Corporation)
Wolfgang Rosenauer

Bugzilla Security Bug Access

Security bug access is given to all of the above people, plus: