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Privacy & Security Preferences - Certificates

This section describes use the Certificates preferences panel. To view Certificates preferences, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Edit menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Under the Privacy & Security category, click Certificates. (If no subcategories are visible, double-click the category to expand the list.)


Client Certificate Selection

You can decide how Navigator selects a certificate from among those you have on file to identify you to a web site:

  • If you want Navigator to choose a certificate without asking you, click Select Automatically. This is usually the preferred setting.
  • If you want Navigator to ask you to select a certificate each time a web site requests one, click Ask Every Time.


Manage Certificates

Certificates are the digital equivalent of ID cards—they help other people identify you, and they help you identify other people, web sites, and organizations.

To examine or configure the certificates you have on file, click Manage Certificates.


Manage Security Devices

A security device is a hardware or software device that stores your certificates and keys. For example, a smart card is a security device. Netscape 6 has its own built-in software security device, and you can use additional security devices, such as smart cards, at the same time.

To examine or configure your security devices, click Manage Security Devices.

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