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Documentation Plan for PSM 2.0

Writer: Sean Cotter
Manager: Bob Lord


New Features to Document


PSM 2.0 help will be available as appropriate content entries accessible from the Help menu in the new Mozilla help viewer. Many entries will also be accessible from help buttons within the PSM 2.0 UI ("context-sensitive help"), which will open up the same help viewer to the appropriate subsection under the top-level heading "Privacy and Security."

Much of the help content will correspond approximately to existing sections in PSM 1.4 Help.


Like PSM 1.4 help, PSM 2.0 help should provide both task-oriented and context-sensitive help uitable for a broad audience, ranging from naive users using SSL for shopping to sophisticated users and admins familiar with PKI concepts.

New Features to Document

Although basic features will be similar to PSM 1.4, details of PSM 1.4 help will need to be significantly rewritten to reflect the new UI.


This outline is based on existing PSM 1.4 help sections and proposed organization of the new PSM UI.
Sections in italics are not part of PSM 2.0 but describe related privacy and security features.
Asterisked headings correspond to help button targets for specific UI windows or panels.

Most sections listed below correspond approximately to existing sections in PSM 1.4 Help.

Understanding Privacy and Security (privacy_help.html)

    How Does a Web Site Gather Information about me?

    What Information Does My Browser Give to a Web Site?

    What Are Cookies, and How Do They Work?

    How Do I Make Sure Unauthorized Peple Don't Use Information About Me?

    Browsing Anonymously

    Understanding Certificates (cert_concepts_help.html)

      Internet Security Issues

      Encryption and Decryption

      Public-Key Cryptography

      Digital Signatures


Using Privacy and Security Tools (using_help.html)

    Using the Cookie Manager

    Using the Forms Manager

    Using the Password Manager

    Encrypting Sensitive Information

    Using Certificates (using_certs_help.html)

      Get Your Own Certificate

      Manage Certificates

      Manage Smart Cards and Other Security Devices

      Edit SSL Settings

      Edit Validation Settings

SSL Page Info (pageinfo_help.html)

    *Identity Not Verified—Connection Not Encrypted

    *Identity Verified—Connection Encrypted

    *Identity Conditionally Verified—Connection Encrypted

    *Identity Verified—Connection Not Encrypted

    *Identity Conditionally Verified—Connection Not Encrypted

Certificate Manager (certs_help.html)

    *My Certificates

      Work with Certificates that Identify You

      *Choose a Portable Security Password

      *Delete My Certificate

    *Other People's Certificates

      Work with Other People's Certificates

      *Edit Certificate Settings for Others' Certificates

      *Add Someone Else's Certificate to Your Certificate Store

      *Delete Someone Else's Certificate

    *Web Site Certificates

      *Edit Web Site Certificate Settings

      *Delete Web Site Certificate

    *CA Certificates

      *Edit CA Certificate Settings

      *Delete Authority Certificate

    *Security Devices

Certificate Information and Decisions (cert_dialog_help.html)

    *Certificate Details

    *Choose Security Device [may not need this]

    Enrollment Information

      *Encryption Key Copy

      *Certificate Backup

    *Certificate Renewal

    Choosing a Certificate

      *User Identification Request

      *Choose Certificate [choose among identical nicknames--not necessary in PSM 2.0?]

    *New Certificate Authority

    Web Site Certificates

      *New Web Site Certificate

      *Expired Web Site Certificate

      *Web Site Certificate Not Yet Valid

      *Unexpected Certificate Name

    Request for Signature

Privacy and Security Settings (privsec_help.html)

    *Password Settings (password_help.html)

      Password Manager

      Encrypting Versus Obscuring

      Master Password Timeout

      *Change Master Password

    *SSL Settings

    *Validation Settings

Troubleshooting (potential top-level section for mozilla help)

    What to Do If You Forget Your Master Password

    [more PSM troubleshooting sections to come]

Privacy Issues document

This document is referenced from the Understanding Privacy section above but is currently located in chrome://communicator/locale/wallet/privacy.html:

Privacy Issues

    Requesting a Page

    After the Page is Received

    Downloading a File

    Being Tracked by Cookies

    Encountering Foreign Cookies

    Controlling Your Cookies

    Evading Cookies

    Submitting Information on Forms

    Divulging your Password

    Hiding Your Internet Address


Start checking in early drafts by 3/1/2000.

Remainder of schedule TBD.


PSM 2.0 help implementation will be driven by UI implementation. Sections in the outline above will be omitted if corresponding features aren't implemented.

PSM 2.0 help also depends on implementation of a new help engine.