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Test Tool Specifications

Technical contact: Bob Relyea
Yell at the manager: Bob Lord

Detailed specifications for the testing tools provided by Netscape are located here:

  • Regress Specification. Regress is a test suite automation and reporting tool that runs a parameterized test program over a number of variables. It is controlled by a specification file that lists the variable combinations to be executed. Test result tables are output to an HTML file, which can be organized with the reporter tool.
  • Reporter Specification. Reporter automates the web indexing of regression results generated by the regress tool. Reporter uses a specification file that defines the Component/Test Suite/Platform topology of the report directory structure. The tool then parses all the individual regress summary files found at the lowest level of the reporting hierarchy and updates all the intermediate index.htm files. The reporter tool is expected to automate the routine maintenance of updating web content to form an orderly and predictable testing results web that can be reindexed automatically.
  • Replacer Specification. Replacer is designed to produce a larger number of programs that are nearly identical, differing by only a few variables. This program is ideal for creating regression test suites on APIs or programs that have large numbers of variables. It is not explicitly used by the Netscape PKCS #11 test suites.