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PKCS #11 Conformance Testing


This page summarizes information about PKCS #11 conformance test suites currently available in the Mozilla tree. See Mozilla CVS Information (below) for details.

Test Suites and Documentation

The following test suites are available in the Mozilla CVS tree:
  • Netscape PKCS #11 Test Suites. Exercise the PKCS #11 operations most commonly accessed from Netscape products through the PKCS #11 interface. Running the suites against your PKCS #11 implementation will help expose incompatibilities that could otherwise be found by manual testing only.
If you wish to contribute a new test suite, first send info on your tests and documentation to our newsgroup so we can create a directory for your source code and add links to your documentation. Then get access to the Mozilla CVS tree and check your tests into the designated area.

Mozilla CVS Information

PKCS #11 test suites are available in mozilla/security/nss/test/pkcs11/. Build instructions for the Netscape PKCS #11 Test Suites will be available soon.

coreconf is checked into the root of mozilla/security/.

coreconf/ and coreconf/ find dist in $(COREDEPTH)/../dist rather then $(COREDEPTH)/dist.