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JSS 3.1 Release Notes

10 August 2001




JSS 3.1 is dual-licensed under the MPL and the GPL.

New Features

  • JSS 3.1 links to dynamic NSS libraries. This allows JSS to be used in the same process as other applications linked dynamically with NSS.

Distribution Information

JSS is checked into mozilla/security/jss/.

The CVS tag for the JSS 3.1 release is JSS_3_1_RTM.

Source tarballs are available from

Binary releases are available from


Documentation for JSS 3.1 is available as follows:

Read the instructions on using JSS.

Source may be viewed with a browser (via the LXR tool) at

Platform Information

JSS should work with any JDK version starting from 1.2. It only supports the native threading model (no green threads).

JSS has been built on the platforms listed below.

Platform OS Version Compiler(s)
HP-UX 11.00 B (64-bit) C compiler: A.11.01.00
Linux RedHat 6.1 egcs-1.1.2
NT Windows 2000 VC++ 6.0 Service Pack 4
NT Windows NT 4.0 VC++ 6.0 Service Pack 4
Solaris sparc 8 (64-bit) WorkShop Compilers
C/C++ version 5.0
2.6 WorkShop Compilers
C/C++ version 5.0
Solaris x86 8 Forte C update 1

Known Bugs and Issues

  • For a list of reported bugs that have not been fixed in JSS 3.1, click here. (Note that not all of these bugs have been confirmed. Even some bugs in the "new" state are unconfirmed.)


Because of major implementation changes, JSS 3.1 is not backward compatible with JSS 3.0. Here are some things that changed:
  • The method CryptoManager.initialize(String, String, String) has been removed because it could not be implemented through public NSS functions. Unfortunately, this was the most common way to initialize JSS. You now must use one of the other initialization routines:

    CryptoManager.initialize(String configDir)

    configDir is the path of a directory containing all the NSS security databases (key3.db, cert7.db, secmod[ule].db)

    CryptoManager.initialize(InitializationValues iv)

    iv is a CryptoManager.InitializationValues object. If your key and certificate databases live in a different directory than your module database, you can create the iv with the CryptoManager.InitializationValue(String configDir, String certPrefix, String keyPrefix, String secmodName) constructor. Consult the javadoc for details.


Bugs discovered should be reported by filing a bug report with bugzilla.

You can also give feedback directly to the developers on the newsgroup, or on the IRC channel #mozcrypto on the server