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Build Instructions for JSS 3.0

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Before building JSS, you need to set up your system as follows:

  1. Follow the Build Instructions for NSS 3.2 Release except for the following change:
      Check out coreconf with the CVS tag JSS_3_0_RTM instead of NSS_3_2_RTM.
    That is, steps 8 and 9 of the NSS 3.2 Unix build instructions or step 7 of the NSS 3.2 Windows build instructions should proceed as follows when you are building JSS 3.0:
      cd .. (cd ..\.. on Windows)
      cvs co -r NSS_3_2_RTM mozilla/security/nss
      cvs co -r JSS_3_0_RTM mozilla/security/coreconf
  2. To check that NSS built correctly, run (in mozilla/security/nss/tests) and examine the results (in mozilla/test_results/security/computername.#/results.html.

  3. Install a Java compiler and runtime. JSS supports Java version 1.2 or later. For information on downloading and installing the java tools you need, go to the Sun Java Site and choose JDK from the pull-down menu labeled The Java Platform. On the next page you see, click the most recent release (currently "Java SDK Standard Edition, v. 1.3")
Now you are ready to build JSS. Follow these steps:
  1. Switch to the appropriate directory and check out JSS from the root of your source tree.
    cvs co -r JSS_3_0_RTM mozilla/security/jss
  2. Windows Only: The shell invoked by gmake, shmsdos.exe, is likely to crash when invoking some Java tools on Windows. The current workaround is to use some other shell in place of shmsdos, such as sh.exe, which should be distributed with the Cygnus toolkit you installed to build NSS. The change is unfortunately rather drastic: to trick gmake, you rename the shell program.
    cd c:/Programs/cygnus/bin (or wherever your GNU tools are installed)
    cp shmsdos.exe shmsdos.bak (backup shmsdos)
    cp sh.exe shmsdos.exe (substitute alternative shell)
    Making this change will probably break other builds you are making on the same machine. You may need to switch the shell back and forth depending on which product you are building. We will try to provide a more convenient solution in the future. If you have the MKS toolkit installed, the sh.exe that comes with this toolkit can be used as well.

  3. Setup environment variables needed for compiling Java source.

      setenv NS_USE_JDK_TOOLSET 1
      setenv JAVA_HOME /usr/local/jdk1.2.2
      (or wherever you installed the JDK)
    Windows NT
      set NS_USE_JDK_TOOLSET=1
      set JAVA_HOME=c:\programs\jdk1.2.2
      (or wherever you installed the JDK)
    Windows NT (Cygnus)
      (or wherever you installed the JDK)
  4. Build JSS.
    cd mozilla/security/jss
    gmake private_export