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Class Encryptor

  extended by org.mozilla.jss.SecretDecoderRing.Encryptor

public class Encryptor
extends java.lang.Object

Encrypts data with the SecretDecoderRing.

Field Summary
static EncryptionAlgorithm DEFAULT_ENCRYPTION_ALG
          The default encryption algorithm, currently DES3_CBC.
Constructor Summary
Encryptor(CryptoToken token, byte[] keyID, EncryptionAlgorithm alg)
          Creates an Encryptor on the given CryptoToken, using the key with the given keyID and algorithm
Method Summary
 byte[] encrypt(byte[] plaintext)
          Encrypts a byte array.
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Field Detail


public static final EncryptionAlgorithm DEFAULT_ENCRYPTION_ALG
The default encryption algorithm, currently DES3_CBC.

Constructor Detail


public Encryptor(CryptoToken token,
                 byte[] keyID,
                 EncryptionAlgorithm alg)
          throws TokenException,
Creates an Encryptor on the given CryptoToken, using the key with the given keyID and algorithm

token - The CryptoToken to use for encryption. The key must reside on this token.
keyID - The keyID of the key to use for encryption. This key must have been generated on this token with KeyManager.
alg - The EncryptionAlgorithm this key will be used for.
Throws: - If no key exists on this token with this keyID.
Method Detail


public byte[] encrypt(byte[] plaintext)
               throws CryptoManager.NotInitializedException,
Encrypts a byte array.

plaintext - The plaintext bytes to be encrypted.
The ciphertext. This is actually a DER-encoded Encoding object. It contains the keyID, AlgorithmIdentifier, and the encrypted plaintext. It is compatible with the SDRResult created by NSS's SecretDecoderRing.