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Class SubjectKeyIdentifier

  extended by org.mozilla.jss.pkix.cert.Extension
      extended by org.mozilla.jss.pkix.cert.SubjectKeyIdentifier
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SubjectKeyIdentifier
extends Extension

Represent the Subject Key Identifier Extension. This extension, if present, provides a means of identifying the particular public key used in an application. This extension by default is marked non-critical.

Extensions are addiitonal attributes which can be inserted in a X509 v3 certificate. For example a "Driving License Certificate" could have the driving license number as a extension.

Extensions are represented as a sequence of the extension identifier (Object Identifier), a boolean flag stating whether the extension is to be treated as being critical and the extension value itself (this is again a DER encoding of the extension value).

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Nested Class Summary
static class SubjectKeyIdentifier.Template
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.mozilla.jss.pkix.cert.Extension
Constructor Summary
SubjectKeyIdentifier(boolean critical, OCTET_STRING keyIdentifier)
SubjectKeyIdentifier(OCTET_STRING keyIdentifier)
          Constructs an SubjectKeyIdentifier from its components.
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Constructor Detail


public SubjectKeyIdentifier(OCTET_STRING keyIdentifier)
Constructs an SubjectKeyIdentifier from its components.

keyIdentifier - must not be null.


public SubjectKeyIdentifier(boolean critical,
                            OCTET_STRING keyIdentifier)