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Tales of Cross-Platform M3 Code
by Paul Davis <>

Here are gathered some comments from people who've tried to get the Mozilla Milestone 3, aka M3, code to build and run on their platforms. You can look here to get a quick idea if others are reporting success or failure, and what works. Note that this isn't the place to ask questions: look to the newsgroups (particularly netscape.public.mozilla.builds) and IRC for that.

This information is a summary of information from the newsgroups and reports/comments sent to me directly at <> The quality and usefulness of this information depends on you: please send me your reports, so I can add to this information. If you spot something here that is wrong, out-of-date, or confusing, let me know so I can fix it. Thanks.

If you don't see a platform here, it just means that I haven't gotten info on it yet. If you have success, please let me know, so others on your favorite platform can benefit from what you've learned.

Note: The goal of this page is to provide info for those trying to get started with a known quantity, the M3 code, as opposed to the tip of the tree. Remember, for up-to-the-minute information about the state of the tip on different platforms, you can use the Tinderbox and Seamonkey Ports pages.

  1. FreeBSD

    • FreeBSD 3.1-RELEASE
      A FreeBSD 3.1-RELEASE user reports successfully building using sources pulled around 6 PM EST 3/15/99.

      Using egcs-1.1.1 (2.91.60) and gtk 1.2.

      Note that mozilla won't build --with-pthreads on FreeBSD 3.1. Coming patches to the FreeBSD egcs port and SeaMonkey will allow building --with-pthreads on FreeBSD.

      The glib 1.2 was built --with-threads=none, to make sure it gets along with the native threads used in nspr, since pthreads aren't an option.

      It was configured with: ./configure --enable-editor --cache-file=/dev/null \

      It built with: gmake clobber && gmake depend && gmake

      The resulting apprunner runs, though it has various bugs.

    • FreeBSD 4.0-CURRENT
      A FreeBSD 3.1-RELEASE user reports successfully building

      Using egcs 1.1.2beta2, glib 1.2 & gtk+ 1.2 (non threaded).

      But neither viewer nor apprunner really runs for this user.

  2. Windows NT 4.0
    A Windows NT 4.0 user reported a problem, which turned out to be the wrong make file. He needed to use client.mak, not nglayout.mak

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