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Next Milestone: M3.

Main Goal -Provide enough basic functionality in place to allow everyone working on the product
to use apprunner for their daily browsing and mail.

Rough Draft Acceptance Criteria For Internal Mozilla/Netscape Dogfood Communicator.

Browser -

  • Be able to load and view all the major search engines, top 100 sites, and seamonkey engineering frequently visited sites.
    • Read, write, and manage buglist on Bugzilla.
    • View and interact with tinderbox and bonsai.
    • Pass all the basic gecko tests and be able to view and Navigate some list of sites along the lines of the top 100, with Mean Time Between Failure of X (where X is about an hour)
  • Have some notion of URL history
  • Be able to control the operation of the browser with buttons
    • back
    • forward
    • reload
    • home
    • bugzilla
    • stop
    • simple text entry in a URL location window
    • copy and paste a URL location?
  • Provide status bar to indicate page download and loading progress.
  • Make use of cookies provided by all of the sites listed above
  • Download files via FTP
  • Ability to read webmail (possibly messenger express)?
  • Ability to ready and write 5.0 preferences to control the operation of the browser?
  • Ability to set and unset prefs with pref UI elements?
  • Ability to migrate prefs, bookmarks, certs, address book, mail, news and other user profile data created with 4.x
  • Print a page?
  • Send a page?
  • download POP mail with leave on server option (IMAP is later)
  • handle smtp
  • display messages
  • display folder lists
  • delete, reply, forward messages
  • construct mail using simple text editor
  • uses new mail db
  • works on Mac, Linux, Win
  • Uses various XPFE: tree view, tool bars, buttons, sidebar, mail button in browser.
  • Browser Busting evaluation and enabling to run the top 100 Japanese sites.
  • Ability to read mail messages containing Japanese HTML and Plain Text.
  • Ability to reply to, forward, and delete messages containing Japanese characters in headers and text.
  • Ability to create messages with Japanese text.