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M6 May 18,

M6 bug list

Profile Manager complete
Create Profile Wizard complete
Account Setup Wizard functional
          preliminary UI
          XPInstall C APIs
          bug fixes
   2.Install Wizard
               feature complete
               hookup to daily build
   3.Preference Migrate Tool
          feature complete, bug fixing
   4.Component JAR installer

     Simple application helper/mime types preferences panel
     What's related channel in sidebar
     Experimental remote sidebar channel
     Remote content in taskbar
     Printing/page setup support
     Better toolbar URL/search/etc. entry
   1.Color Picker
   3.Dynamic Menus (Mac)
   4.Cursor support
   6.Save window state
   7.D&D for toolbar & tree

Wallet  download/upload user values  to/from netcenter
download table diffs (instead of  entire table) from netcenter

PICS checking page ratings for  labels in HTTP stream.
Requesting labels from label bureau.

Netcenter mail service  integration
Drag/drop messages and  folders
Sidebar integration
Subscribe UI for news
Subscribe data source for news
Subscribe UI for IMAP
Address Book data source
LDAP Protocol
Search infrastructure  using RDF

  Filing sent messages
  Send message later

Insert Link
Drag and Drop Link
Insert Table
Apply Left, Center, Right Alignment
Integrate Ender into the Text Widget
Insert style sheet/Remove style sheet
Character Properties


  GFX font subsystem (Linux)
  Input Methods - ready for Ender  integration (Linux)
  Japanese charset auto-detection
  Keyboard layout switching  (Mac)
  Javascript Environment Object
                GetPlatformLocale API
   L10N Editor for XUL DTD files
   entity and external DTD support in  XML parser
   JA pseudo L10N of on-screen help window
   JA pseudo L10N of PICs
   50% JA pseudo L10N of the UI

M6 Messenger I18N
      Send Attachments (Latin1 & Japanese)
      Local folder I18N search
      50% JA pseudo L10N of the UI

Chapter 5: Customizing Internet Setup (100 %complete)
Chapter 1: Installing the Client Customization Kit
Placeholder content for CCK Wizard Online Help
On-screen help:
     All UI text strings reviewed and corrected
     On-screen Help table of contents available and linked to placeholder content
CCK/Customization Guide:
Content available for:
     Placeholder content for CCK Wizard Online Help
     Customizing Internet Setup (100 %complete)
     Installing the Client Customization Kit
     How to manually customize toolbars
     How to include plug-ins to the installer
     How to customize address books
     How to modify installer billboards and dialogs