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M5 ,  April 27 12:00 Midnight

M5 Bug list
M6 bug list
Feature win32 Linux Mac Comment
Mac Mail Added to Tinderbox
Minimal Profile Support- done
Profile Manager functional not m5 - moved to M6
Create Profile Wizard functional
    XUL-based wizard 
    Global storage of values
    Create and populate profile
     Simple taskbar moved to m6
     Status bar /throbber using new notification done
     Some sidebar framework- spec complete
     Multiple sidebar channels demo move to m6
      All Navigator preferences panels -80% functional close
     Generic progress dialog removed frm schedule
     Generic properites dialog @risk
     Open URL/file @risk -depends on UE
     plumbing to remove appcore
     commandline startup for Mac
     convert libpref to use nsfile
Modal dialogs on Linux At risk
 New @risk - QA unblocked
 window.close depends on David M window manager
 Linux clipboard  close
 Build XUL from a stream @risk
 D&D XP interfaces & stubs done @risk done
 Folder picker done @risk done
 Tab Widget close
 3-state checkbox done done done
 Dynamic menus (win32- gtk) close
 Widget & menu disabling works on widgets (minus bugs)-Pavlovon GTK;  > 3 days
 Downloadable chrome persistant skins done done done
 Widget stubs no deliverable- internal milestone
 FEAlert:Check/Confirm password support SNAKE: no deliverable;need resolution
Browser Backend
RDF Site maps moved to m6
RDF Sidebar moved to M6
RDF Security at risk - not understood-
needs investigation by norris
Wallet -cache wallet editor to local file move to m6
Wallet  Componentization (xpcomm)
Wallet i18n - message strings 
PICS Landing close-part of necco too?
PICS checking page ratings for  labels part of necco?
Image split alpha channel send to new gfx blender
Image  Repair PNG gamma
Image gif decoding improvements on animations with bad headers
 New mail check (biff)
 IMAP usable
 IMAP offline support
Show newsgroups in folder pane
Load newsgroup into thread pane
Post to newsgroup using compose UI
Preferences dialogs
Address book UI
Aggregate local mail;IMAP; news into folder pane
  View navigation
   Mark Read
  Mark flagged
   Forwarding options
   Reply options (sender;all)
   View inline
   View as links
   IMAP MIME parts on demand?
   Encode/decode (binhex; uuencode; appledouble;etc.)
Multiple identities
   Apply MA to local mail disk hierarchy
   Apply MA work to IMAP
   MA UI Acct. Mgr dialog?
Address Book UI prototype
MIME Improvements
Cut/Copy/Paste HTML close
Spell Checking Finalized moved to m6?
Spell Check Dialog moved ot m6?
Personal Dictionary Dialog moved ot m6?
Insert Images From Clipboard part done
Apply/Remove Font; HTML Structure; Font; Color close
Apply/Remove Listing (Ordered;Unordered) close
Indent; Outdent close
Apply Block Level Change (H*; P; LI;etc.) part done
Multifont rendering on Mac and Linux
Input Method Prototype
M5 Char Set Converters
 Keyboard layout switching (Win)
 JA pseudo L10N of Mac installer
 JA pseudo L10N of  Sidebar
 JA pseudo L10N of  Profile picker
  JA pseudo L10N of  Wallet
L10N XML Tools
M5 Messenger I18N
  View Char Set Menu
  View Attachments (Latin1 & Japanese)
  View Newsgroup (Latin1 & Japanese)
   I18N Sort Thread Pane
   I18N Date & Time Display Thread Pane
   Sending Message (Japanese)
   Ender composition and copy&paste of Japanese
   IMAP I18N (????) Need IMAP plan from Mail team
   Address Book I18N (????)
   Need Address book plan from Mail team
On-screen help:
(window opens on Help button click
 Help content available  from Help menu
CCK Wizard Feature Complete/UI Complete
Chapter 3: Adding Your Brand Identity to Communicator
CCK/Customization Guide:
Content available for:
     Customizing Navigator (Chapter 4)
     Customizing Internet Setup (50% complete)