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First cut at a roll up of M4 group lists.

Work on Milestone 4 is expected to conclude April 6 12:00 midnight

M4 goals include:

  • the feature items and infrastructure work listed in the tables below.
  • Fix bugs targeted for M4
  • Triage and load balance untargeted bugs lists, M5 bugs, and M6 bugs
  • Fix top talkback bugs. 100 incoming blackboxes per day.
    • watch for analysis of crash data posted to netscape.public.mozilla.crash-data

M4 User features windows Linux Mac Comment
Build/Testing Systems
Mail Tinderbox Build On-line done done
Improve/Refine Verification Criteria
top 5 urls,11 content urls, -mail,
-editor,basic performance
Automated Quick Tests close send to leger and cyeh
XPIDL usable by most groups landing on nt and linux Monday
mac -> build a binary tool and check in
commercial builds - incl talback done m5 working
build number/user agent identifiers/
time bomb
component zip files for installers java,n2phn,ra,testprogs-> close
Install -
Install stub hooked up windows only for M4 -
hooked up 4/6
m6 feature complete installs and creates shortcuts
User pref/profiles/initialization
Profile Picker functional- (moved to later milestone. 3/26) replaced with the ability to pick the profile based on some simple rules rather than by user input. Here are the M4 rules.
  • If zero profiles exist, use CWD
  • else if -P"profile_name" command line option given, use that profile
  • else if exactly 1 profile exists, use it
  • else if current profile set in registry, use it
  • else use the first profile returned from the registry query.
copy a profile from from 4.5 to get started.)
depends on launching a window before browser starts
concept of user directories
write out prefs
Registry dump utility done done later
about:registry moved to m5
Browser -
Simple sidebar with bookmarks ready ready ready
Add bookmark done
Simple bookmark properties dialog close -> possible gecko blocker
History view close for all platforms
Alert/confirm/etc. modal dialogs danm has prototype at risk - blocked by danm infrustrucure?
FTP download and progress dialog done
Simple find dialog move to m5
File/folder picker -> Open/Savedialogs at risk trudellle
Clipboard done @ risk done
Scroll Bar m5 all platforms
.*Modal Dialogs? -> FE Alert/Confirm done later done slightly behind schedule?
.Build XUL from a stream?
->Bookmark properties
@risk all platforms
Key Binding -> Accelerators& shortcuts @risk done done
.Sizing windows done done done
.Closing windows done done done
Window Titles? done done done check with trudelle
Remove Authentication dialog prototype. done done done
Local Store (session management) m5 -all platforms
History working landed 3/23
Find 50% working
put created and downloaded done download template hosted on server
files into .../bin/res/wallet done
Enable for Mac and Unix - close close
Netlib / Security/E-Commerse?
DNS: <unix> m6
Nu Cache m6
ftp hacked for m4 m4 check mac status
https moved to m6
checking for embedded page ratings moved to m5 blocked in nisheeth and rickg
hacked up pref file. moved to m5
Mail -
Integrate new icons
Thread pane
Showing threads
Copy messages
Read attachments in messages
Multiple Identities
Word Processing like white space handling done -xp
(space -tab - splits- joins- delete) done -xp
Apply/Remove- Bold Italic done -xp
Complete Caret Work done -xp
Up/Down Arrow done -xp
Drag and Drop Text (As destination) done -xp
Mail Compose Toolbar done -xp
spell ckeck prototype done -xp
On-screen help: "help | help contents" - xp
Help window prototype started m5
Help buttons in dialog boxes (if any) enabled m5
I18n/L10n -
(Multifont rendering on Win)
(Multifont rendering on Mac)
Input Methods (Win prototype)
String Resources Manager to enable L10N of other modules
XP-Com Charset Converters: from ISO-2022-JP, to Unicode
XP-Com Charset Converters: remaining stateless 4.5 converters
GetPlatformLocale API (Win)
GetPlatformLocale API & stub (Mac)
GetPlatformLocale API & stub
HTML META charset support
Browser View|Character Set menu
Pref for default charset
HTTP Content-Type charset parameter
Form submit & charset conversions
(Enables sorting bookmarks, mail, etc.)
nsICollation API
(Enables formatting of date and time)
nsIDateTimeFormat API
JA pseudo L10N of Windows installer
JA pseudo L10N of Cartman
XUL: JA pseudo L10N for main windows elements (menus; buttons;status bar)
GTK+/Seamonkey AIX 2-byte enablement
Messenger View|Character Set menu
View Western and Japanese MIME compliant messages
Thread Pane display of Western and Japanese headers
Sending Message (Latin1)

Infrastructure Work

Task Win32 Linux Mac Comments
Reentrancy 15 tasks open as of 3/23 12 task found 4/6.
XPIDL usable by most groups ? Ready to turn on in m5.
XP Toolkit
1. Native dialog glue done
2. File/folder picker -> Open/Save dialogs done
3.Clipboard done
4.Scroll Bar done
5.*Modal Dialogs? -> FE Alert/Confirm done
6.Build XUL from a stream? -> Bookmark properties done
7.Key Binding -> Accelerators amp shortcuts done
8. Sizing windows done
9. Closing windows done
10. XUL fragments improvements done
11.Window Titles done
12. Remove Authentication dialog prototype. done
BrowserWindow/WebShell API cleanup done
DocLoader/WebShell notification API done
Use XPComFactory instead of AppCores manager done
Preferences framework done
Window manager moved to m5
Some sidebar framework done
NSPR async DNS moved to m6
Mac Cartman development moved to m6
Smart Update./User Migration.
M4 (4/6)
1. XPInstall done
single trigger done
queue installs done
resolve threading problem moved to m5
pull amp build in SeaMonkey done
2. Install Wizard done
create shortcuts done
feature complete done
hook up to daily build close
prototype without download support) done
parser done
package selection done
component list done
3. Preference Migrate Tool
COM component amp registration done
utility functions checked in done
CCK http://webgroup/cck/planning/seamilestones.html
Profile Picker functional
Chapter 2 Customization Quick Start
Chapter 6 Creating Communicator Installers
Chapter 13 Manually Customizing the CD Autorun Screen
Front end
Create messenger resource directory on Windows and Linux
MIME cleanup
Composition Features
read/write line from proxied stream
Integrate with blocking password for POP and SMTP
Relocate nsIURLListener into core netlib
Integrate with N2
Add IMAP URL framework
Connection pool
Add IMAP DB implementation
Write IMAP test app
Cross thread design
Mork Debugging
Robust round-tripping
incremental writing
Add threading interfaces
Add threading implementation
Add subclass for news DB
Ender M4
HTML Infrastructure (Parser and HTMLContentSink
Text Service Infrastructure
Ender Word Processing Typing Rules
Infrastructure for multiple types of selection
Editor Webshell Usage
Define Contextual Rules for Content Model
Drag and Drop Text (As destination)
Convert Output to use I18N converters