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This is the homepage of the Mozilla Plugins project, where we've collected hyperlinks to resources for plugin developers.
Last updated by Johnny Stenback on 11/17/2004

Note: Plugins and extensions are completely different technologies, they have nothing to do with each other (apart from being related to Mozilla). In layman's terms, if you want to add a button to Firefox User Interface, using XUL and JavaScript, you want an extension. If you want to write some C++ code that can show something embedded inside a webpage, you want a plugin. A extensions are AdBlock and NoScript, typical plugins are QuickTime and Macromedia Flash.

NOTE: Some of the links on this page points to which was recently taken offline by AOL. We're working on getting our hands on the content that was hosted on that site so that we can host it ourselves and link to it again. There is no current ETA for us getting the content, but we don't expect too much of a delay any more. For now, rescued us.

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