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Other projects

This page lists links to other projects that we are aware of relating to the Mozilla source, but which are not directly supported by We include these links for your convenience.

Komodo IDE
A cross-platform, commercial IDE for building Perl and Python applications, based on Mozilla's xptoolkit. is kind of like the Sourceforge of Mozilla-based projects. They offer free hosting for anyone wishing to start a new project based on Mozilla technology. There are a large number of active projects on the site that aren't listed here, and the list is always growing.
Mozilla Translator
Mozilla Translator is a program which makes it easy to translate Mozilla's user interface into other languages. It creates self installing language packs which users can easily download and install by clicking a link so they can use Mozilla in their native language.
MozillaZine is a site devoted to advocacy, news, and special interest topics revolving around the Mozilla Project. The goal of the site is to help stir up interest in the Mozilla project amongst designers and casual users - groups that in the recent past have been unable to participate or contribute in a substantial way. Stop by and visit!
XUL Planet
Great site for learning XUL and XBL - includes up-to-date tutorials and references.
ZopeMozilla is a project that uses Mozilla as the front end for managing the Zope application server. It uses XUL and JavaScript on the client side and RDF to communicate with the server. The site hosts the client side application code, server code and mailing lists for the project.

Do you know of other existing projects? Let us know!