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NSPR 3.5.1 Release


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Changes in this release
  3. Reporting bugs
  4. Building from source
  5. Contact Info
  6. Update (11/20/2000)

1. Introduction

The NSPR 3.5.1 release is now available at /m/dist/nspr20/v3.5.1 (or equivalently, /share/builds/components/nspr20/v3.5.1). This release is a patch release for the NSPR 3.5 release.  Please refer to the NSPR 3.5 release notes for basic information.  This release notes focuses on the changes between NSPR releases 3.5 and 3.5.1.

2. Changes in this release

2.1 Bug fixes

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

1. Bugsplat bug #364813: NSPR seems to hang on AIX in PR_StackPop.

2. Bugsplat bug #366500: NSPR is looping in PR_StackPop/PR_StackPush on Digital UNIX.

3. Bugsplat bug #367096: Assertion failure at ntio.c:378.

4. Bugsplat bug #366840: PR_StringToNetAddr gives back garbage.

5. Bugzilla bug #17728: pthreads: PR_Writev hangs when writing a zero-length buffer.

6. Bugzilla bug #17486: Incorrect & operator precedence in _PR_UnixSendFile.

7. Bugsplat bug #364671: PR_Available fails for pipe.

8. Bugsplat bug #369237: IO performance improvements for Unix.

 3. Reporting bugs

Bugs discovered should be reported by filing bug reports.  If you can describe a bug without giving any proprietary information, you should file the bug report in's bug database Bugzilla.  You will need a Bugzilla account, which can be obtained easily from the Bugzilla main page.  If proprietary information cannot be avoided in a bug description, you can file the bug report in Bugsplat.

The following information is required in a bug report

  • platform (Solaris 2.6, HP-UX 11.0, etc.)
  • number of cpus in the system
  • a stack trace, in the event of a crash
  • reproducibility of the problem
  • location of core dump, if available, along with those for the libraries and executables

 4. Building from source

This release is built from the source at the CVS repository /m/src with the CVS tag NSPR20_RELEASE_3_5_1. Check out the source from CVS by
    cvs co -r NSPR20_RELEASE_3_5_1 ns/nspr20

To build, do
    cd ns/nspr20
    gmake export

5. Contact Info - NSPR documentation
http://warp/projects/hardcore/prj-nspr20  - nspr home page
nsprgroup   - the nspr team
nspr20clients - mailing list for nspr clients
netscape.public.mozilla.nspr  - nspr newsgroup at

6. Update

NSPR 3.5.1 has bee tested using RedHat Linux 6.2.